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About me


Briefly about me as a photographer

My name is Lars-Erik Görjevik and I have had photography as a hobby since the 1970s. I call myself a "freelance hobby photographer", by which I mean that my photography is mainly about giving vent to a slightly more creative side. With the term freelance, however, I mean that I also do photography on assignment, e.g. portrait photo/student photo,  participates in exhibitions and carries out own image projects. I also sell pictures.


The areas I photograph in are primarily travel, nature and model photography. You can find my portfolio in travel and nature photography on my page LEGphotography. This page, Modella Foto, is entirely focused on my business in model photography.


In the main, I am self-taught from experience, but have also taken some shorter weekend and evening courses, and through the Mother Ship, read e.g. image processing and visual communication.


I am a member of Sundbyberg's photo club.  



For me, model photography should be characterized by more naturalness and less makeup, retouching and effects. More of the model's personality and more realistic images by utilizing natural environments and situations. I am fascinated by the incredible body control of dancers and gymnasts and the beauty of the human body. Therefore, dance and gymnastics become both natural subject areas and a good starting point for creating beautiful and fascinating images in other ways, e.g. within art nude.  


The naked body is a work of art in itself. I would like to de-dramatize nudity, the body in itself is not sexual or challenging, it is the situation and the context that make it sexual. That's the beauty I want to capture, and I'm not shooting erotica or pornographic images, there's already an abundance of that.

Travel photography, environments and nature photography

For my photography business in these areas go to my websiteLEGPhotography.

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